Introduction To The Network

Our Mission is to be a resource that helps bridge the gaps that exist between providers clients and communities.

Is a collection of collaborative individuals and organizations
 that serve the special needs community.

The purpose of CRN is to not only be a
resource to those directly impacted by a disability, but also to provide awareness and
to support inclusion in the community as a whole. Founded in Wisconsin, CRN will be
comprised of 5 regions: Southeast, Southwest, Central, North and Lakeshore. CRN
 offers three core ways for people to come together:


Monthly, regional meetings that bring providers together to foster collaboration, awareness, and inclusion.


The development of a robust website/social network to unite providers and to simplify the process of clients finding support (currently being developed).


Quarterly/semi-annual events that “bridge the gap” by introducing our members to the community.


In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, CRN interviewed
Temple Grandin and Nancy Gianni.

Or watch the interview on our YouTube channel


If you are a service provider, please consider joining our next monthly meeting.
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the future.


If you are a client, parent, guardian, or community member, follow us on Facebook and Linked In
 for upcoming events. CRN looks forward to connecting you with the support you need!

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